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B.Com Part 2 Economics of Pakistan Important Questions

B.Com Part 2 Economics Of Pakistan Important Questions

Differentiate between economic growth and economic development.

2) What are the obstacles to the economic development of Pakistan? Discuss and
suggest the remedial measures.
3) What are the causes of agricultural backwardness in Pakistan? Suggest measures
to resolve the problems.
4) Discuss the importance of mechanization of agriculture, how far it is successful in
5) Industrial development is the basis of economic development, discuss with
reference to Pakistan.
6) Explain the role of public investment in the industrial development of Pakistan.
7) Explain the role of small scale industry in an agricultural economy. What steps
the Government of Pakistan has taken to promote these industries.
8) What are the different means of transport and communication in Pakistan?
Discuss the role of computer in the economic development of Pakistan.
9) Highlight the problems of railways in Pakistan; suggest measures to improve the
performance of Pakistan railways.
10)Discuss the current fiscal policy of Pakistan with reference to fiscal budget 2011-
11) Examine the factors which contribute towards persistent adverse balance of
payments in Pakistan. Explain the measures for correcting adverse balance of
payments in Pakistan.
12) Foreign aid is UNAVOIDABLES of Pakistan. Comments. What are the main
sources of foreign assistance in Pakistan?
13)Why privatization become necessary for Pakistan?
14)Write notes
a) Problems of industrial labour.
c) Major imports and exports.
d) WTO
e) Balance of trade
f) Heads of income and expenditure of federal government

B.Com Part 2 Economics Of Pakistan Important Questions


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